Replace R_2 by R_2 + (- 3)R_1. begin{matrix} 1&3&-5 3&6&3 -4&9&1 end{matrix} middle |...


Replace {eq}R_2 {/eq} by {eq}R_2 + (- 3)R_1. {/eq}

{eq}\left[ \begin{matrix} 1&3&-5 \\ 3&6&3 \\ -4&9&1 \end{matrix} \middle | \begin{matrix} -1 \\ 5 \\ 4 \end{matrix} \right ] {/eq}

Elementary Row Operations

When attempting to solve a linear system that's in the form of an augmented matrix, we do so by performing elementary row operations on that matrix. There are three such operations: swapping rows, multiplying rows by constants, and adding multiples of rows together.

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We have an augmented matrix and we wish to perform a row operation on this matrix. Specifically, we want to subtract a multiple of the first row from...

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