Rod OA rotates counterclockwise with a constant angular velocity of theta dot=5 rad/s. The double...


Rod OA rotates counterclockwise with a constant angular velocity of {eq}\dot{\theta }=5\text{ rad/s} {/eq}. The double pin collar B is pin connected together such that one collar slides over the rotating rod and the other slides over the horizontal curved rod, of which the shape is described by the equation {eq}r=1.5\left( 2-\cos \theta \right)\text{ ft} {/eq}. If the both collars weigh 0.5 lbf, determine the normal force which the curve exerts on one collar at the instant {eq}\theta =120{}^\circ {/eq}. Negelct friction.

Reaction force

Reaction force is defined as the equal and opposite amount of force exerted by a body in response to an external force applied to the body. The standard unit of Reaction force is Newton.

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Given Data

  • Angular velocity of the rod is {eq}\theta = 5\;{\rm{rad/s}} {/eq}

  • Equation of the radius is {eq}= 1.5\left( {2 - \cos \theta }...

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