Simplify. 4y^2 - (3 - y^2)



{eq}4y^2 - (3 - y^2) {/eq}

Addition & Subtraction of Polynomials

Polynomials are expressions that are made up of variables and their coefficients with addition, subtraction, multiplication and positive integer exponents. When adding or subtracting polynomials one can only add or subtract the coefficients of the polynomials with the same variables and same exponents for their variables.

Answer and Explanation:

To simplify the expression below:

{eq}4y^{2} - (3 - y^{2}) {/eq}

One needs to distribute the negative 1 coefficient of the second and third terms then collect like terms:

{eq}4y^{2} - 3 + y^{2} {/eq}

{eq}4y^{2} + y^{2} - 3 {/eq}

{eq}5y^{2} - 3 {/eq}

Thus the simplified version of {eq}4y^{2} - (3 - y^{2}) {/eq} is {eq}5y^{2} - 3 {/eq}.

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