Simplify. 5m - 13n - n + 4m



{eq}5m - 13n - n + 4m {/eq}

Algebraic expressions

When two or more algebraic terms are separated by a mathematical operation then it expresses an algebraic relationship or it is an algebraic expression.

Answer and Explanation:

Simplifying the algebraic expression below starts will rearranging the terms alphabetically then following the operations:

{eq}5m - 13n - n + 4m {/eq}

{eq}5m + 4m - 13n - n {/eq}

{eq}(5m + 4m) - (13n + n) {/eq}

{eq}9m - 14n {/eq}

Thus, the expression {eq}5m - 13n - n + 4m {/eq} upon simplification is {eq}9m - 14n {/eq}.

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