Simplify in terms of i. \sqrt{-121}


Simplify in terms of {eq}i {/eq}.

{eq}\sqrt{-121} {/eq}

Imaginary number:

There are different kinds of numbers. A real numbers are all sorts of numbers from integers to irrational numbers. An imaginary number, {eq}i {/eq}, is the square root of {eq}-1 {/eq} or {eq}i = \sqrt{-1} {/eq}

Answer and Explanation:

To simplify in terms of {eq}i {/eq}, evaluate:

{eq}\sqrt{-121} {/eq}

{eq}\sqrt{(-1)(121)} {/eq}

{eq}11\sqrt{-1} {/eq}

{eq}11i {/eq}

The expression {eq}\sqrt{-121} {/eq} when simplified is {eq}11i {/eq}.

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