Simplify the expression: 3x^2 - 3y + 8x - 5x^2 + 12y.


Simplify the expression: {eq}3x^2 - 3y + 8x - 5x^2 + 12y {/eq}.

Algebraic expressions

Algebraic terms and mathematical operations make up an algebraic expression. An algebraic term is made up of constants and variables. Mathematical operations include, addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Answer and Explanation:

To simplify the expression below, arrange it alphabetically in decreasing exponents:

{eq}3x^2 - 3y + 8x - 5x^2 + 12y {/eq}

{eq}3x^2 - 5x^2+ 8x - 3y + 12y {/eq}

Following the operations:

{eq}-2x^2+ 8x + 9y {/eq}

When the expression {eq}3x^2 - 3y + 8x - 5x^2 + 12y {/eq} is simplified, it is equal to {eq}-2x^2+ 8x + 9y {/eq}.

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