Solve: {eq}10x + 75 = 150. {/eq}

Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

Algebraic expressions is made up of variables, integer constants and algebraic operations. In evaluating algebraic expressions on has to manipulate the expressions in order to derive the needed information. In doing so one has to make sure that no mathematic and algebraic rules are not broken.

Answer and Explanation:

In the algebraic expression below:

{eq}10x + 75 = 150. {/eq}

The variable, x, has to be isolated on one side of the equation. The 75 can be transposed to the other side of the equation with the corresponding change in sign, since the operation between them is addition:

{eq}10x = 150 - 75 {/eq}

{eq}10x = 75 {/eq}

To move the coefficient of x, divide both sides with it:

{eq}\displaystyle \frac{10x}{10} = \frac{75}{10} {/eq}

Hence, we arrive with the value for x:

{eq}x = 7.5 {/eq}

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