Solve 2 \cos^2 {(2x)} = 1.


Solve {eq}2 \cos^2 {(2x)} = 1 {/eq}.

Solving Trigonometrical Equations

Usually, trigonometrical equations can be solved by using trigonometric identities. The identity that will be used in the solution of this question is {eq}2\cos^2{A} - 1 = \cos{2A} {/eq}.

Answer and Explanation:

We have {eq}2 \cos^2 {(2x)} = 1 \,\,\Rightarrow\,\, 2\cos^2{(2x)} - 1 = 0 {/eq}. Using the identity {eq}2\cos^2{A} - 1 = \cos{2A} {/eq}, we get...

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