Solve 6 cos(2 beta) = 6 cos^2( beta) - 4 for all solutions 0 less than or equal to beta ...


Solve {eq}6 \cos(2 \beta) = 6 \cos^2( \beta) - 4 {/eq} for all solutions {eq}0 \leq \beta < 2 \pi {/eq}

{eq}\beta = {/eq} _____

Trigonometric Equations:

In order to solve a trigonometric equation, we have to find analyze the form of the equation to simplify the equation and to apply the identities applicable to the given equation.

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We are given the equation {eq}6 \cos(2 \beta) = 6 \cos^2( \beta) - 4 {/eq}.

Solving for {eq}\beta {/eq} in the interval {eq}[0, 2 \pi] {/eq}, we...

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