Solve for x: 1. \ x^2+6=15\\ 2. \ (x+4)^2=6


Solve for x:

{eq}1. \ x^2+6=15\\ 2. \ (x+4)^2=6 {/eq}

Quadratic Equations:

A quadratic equation is an equation that takes the form {eq}ax^2 + bc + c = 0 {/eq} where {eq}\rm a\, b\, and \, c {/eq} are constants greater than zero. To solve for the variable in a quadratic equation, we use the quadratic formula, factorization or the graphical method.

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1. {eq}x^2 + 6 = 15 {/eq}

To solve for x in the above equation, we will start by eliminating 6 in from the LHS of the equation. We will do this by...

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