Solve for x given |\frac{3}{2}x - 5 | = 13


Solve for {eq}x {/eq} given {eq}|\frac{3}{2}x - 5 | = 13 {/eq}

Solving Absolute Value Equation:

In finding the value of a certain variable {eq}x {/eq}, we only need to perform basic algebra calculations. If we are solving an absolute value equation, we need to apply the absolute rule expressed as {eq}|u|= a,a>0 {/eq}, then {eq}u=a {/eq} or {eq}u=-a {/eq}.

Answer and Explanation:

We are asked to solve for x. In order to do so, we need to apply the absolute rule:

{eq}\begin{align} \frac{3}{2}x-5&= -13 \\ \frac{3}{2}x&= -13+5...

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