Solve the equation: -2v-7=-23


Solve the equation:

{eq}-2v-7=-23 {/eq}

Evaluating Simple Algebraic Expressions

When solving algebraic expressions it is important to keep note of the signs of the terms. When the term is transferring from one side of the equation to another the sign of the term will change.

Answer and Explanation:

In solving for {eq}v {/eq} from the equation below, the terms around the variable has to be transferred to the other side of the equation:

{eq}-2v - 7 = - 23 {/eq}

{eq}-2v = - 23 + 7 {/eq}

{eq}-2v = - 16 {/eq}

Dividing both sides by {eq}-2 {/eq}

{eq}\displaystyle \frac {-2v}{-2} = \frac{- 16}{-2} {/eq}

{eq}v = 8 {/eq}

The value of {eq}v {/eq} from {eq}-2v - 7 = - 23 {/eq} is {eq}8 {/eq}.

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