Solve the following proportion. 2 / 15 = 13 / x.


Solve the following proportion. {eq}\dfrac 2 {15} = \dfrac {13} x {/eq}.

Cross Multiplication:

The cross multiplication is a technique which is used to solve the proportion to find the value of variables. Cross Multiplication technique used to convert the proportion into one simple equation.

Answer and Explanation:

The expression of the given expression is,

{eq}\dfrac{2}{{15}} = \dfrac{{13}}{x} {/eq}

Solve the above proportion by the use of cross multiplication.

{eq}\begin{align*} x &= 13 \times \dfrac{{15}}{2}\\ &= \dfrac{{195}}{2}\\ &= 97.5 \end{align*} {/eq}

Thus, the value for x is {eq}97.5 {/eq}.

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