Sona is trying to put together a puzzle that is too difficult for her to complete alone. If the...


Sona is trying to put together a puzzle that is too difficult for her to complete alone. If the puzzle is within Sona's zone of proximal development, then she

a) is likely to complete it if she has assistance.

b) is likely to become frustrated with a parent or teacher's help.

c) needs to first learn the concept of conservation.

d) is likely to complete it within one year.

The Zone of proximal development in the learning experience

Zone of proximal development is a concept introduced by Vygotskji to explain where and how an adult can foster the acquisition of new skills in children.

This concept has become really helpful for everyone who is engaged in school, ad teacher, child services as an educator, or for every parent who wants to provide the best, or at least a good, learning experience to a child.

To promote the acquisitions of new skills it's important to know what a child can do alone and plan challenging activities that the child can master, in the beginning, with the help of a competent adult.

An activity is challenging when is not to hard nor to easy to accomplish. If it's too hard, a child could experiment with a sense of failure and powerlessness, if t's too easy a child could be bored.

For instance, if we would like to help children's writing skills, we could start giving them: a scenario, the beginning of the story written by us and a set of images as a prompt, then we could give them only the scenario and some images, then only the scenario, and finally, we could leave them free to express their own stories.

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