Suppose I spin in a mass in a vertical circle using a string.


Suppose {eq}I {/eq} spin in a mass in a vertical circle using a string. At one point, I've drawn (not to scale) the string tension and the weight of the mass, which have positive magnitudes {eq}T {/eq} and {eq}W {/eq}.

a) Which is bigger, {eq}T {/eq} or {eq}W {/eq}?

b) Write out the net centripetal force in terms of {eq}T {/eq} and {eq}W {/eq}. Explain your reasoning.

Centripetal and Centrifugal Force:

When a body executes circular motion, it feels a force in the direction of the center of the circular path at each point. The centrifugal force is a force that acts radially outward direction during the circular motion and its magnitude is equal to the magnitude of the centripetal force.

Answer and Explanation:

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Since the particular position of the mass is not defined in the vertical circulation path. Hence we have assumed the situation when the mass is at the...

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