Suppose you needed to raise a 215kg mower a distance of 6.0cm above the ground to change a tire....


Suppose you needed to raise a 215 kg mower a distance of 6.0 cm above the ground to change a tire. If you had a 2.2-m-long lever, where would you place the fulcrum (in m) if your force was limited to 310N? (Enter the minimum distance measured from your end of the lever.)


Torque is a force applied across a distance, causing a form of rotation. By using a lever, the torque generated by a force can be used to lift a much heavier object, so long as the fulcrum is well placed to make the torque from the force exceed the torque by the heavy object's weight.

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To solve, we will need to perform a torque balance, where the torque of the applied force is equal to the torque required to lift the lawnmower. The...

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