suppose you're given the formula n = 3m - 2l . if you know that l = m + 2 , how could you...


suppose you're given the formula {eq}n = 3m - 2l {/eq}. if you know that {eq}l = m + 2 {/eq}, how could you rewrite the formula?

Evaluating an Expression:

To evaluate an expression which is in terms of one or more variables at given values of variables, we just substitute the values of the variables in the given expression and simplify it.

Answer and Explanation:

The given equation is:

$$n = 3m - 2l $$

Substitute {eq}l = m + 2 {/eq} in the above formula:

$$n = 3m - 2 (m+2) \\[0.3cm] \text{Distributing -2}, \\[0.3cm] n = 3m -2m -4 \\[0.3cm] \text{Combining the like terms}, \\[0.3cm] \boxed{\mathbf{n= m-4 }} $$

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