The floor of a dance studio is covered with 615 tiles. The owner of the studio replaced the tiles...


The floor of a dance studio is covered with {eq}615 {/eq} tiles. The owner of the studio replaced the tiles last year. The tiles cost {eq}$15 {/eq} for a set of {eq}8 {/eq} and {eq}$2 {/eq} for each additional tile.

What is the monthly increase the owner charged each of her {eq}34 {/eq} students over a {eq}6 {/eq} month period to cover the cost of replacing the tiles?

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Arithmetic is the study of numbers and specially their properties of operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In word problems of arithmetic, various numbers associated with the conditions in the problem statement is given and we need to solve it using basic arithmetic operations. Sometime assumption for an unknown variable is done in order to maintain continuity in solution..

Answer and Explanation:

Total number of tiles={eq}615 {/eq}

Tiles per set = {eq}8 {/eq}

Possible number of tiles set:{eq}76 {/eq}

Total number of single tiles= {eq}615 -76*8 = 7 {/eq}

Total cost of tiles :

$$Cost = 15*number\ of\ set + 2*number\ of\ sinlge\ tile $$

$$Cost = 15*76 + 2*7 $$

$$Cost = 1140 + 14 $$

$$Cost = 1154 $$

Cost of tiles is to be adjusted among 34 students over the period of 6 months:

$$payment = \dfrac{Cost}{Number\ of\ Students* time} $$

$$payment = \dfrac{1154}{34* 6} $$

$$payment = \dfrac{1154}{204} $$

$$payment = $5.65 $$

Monthly additional payment by {eq}34 {/eq} students for next {eq}6 months {/eq} is {eq}5..65 . {/eq}

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