The peak to peak current passing through a 200 \Omega resistor is 22.0 A. Find the maximum...


The peak to peak current passing through a {eq}200 \Omega {/eq} resistor is {eq}22.0 A {/eq}. Find the maximum voltage across the resistor and the RMS current through the resistor.

AC circuit with a Resistor:

If the alternating voltage of the AC source is given by the equation;

{eq}V = V_0 \sin (\omega t ) {/eq}

then, the alternating current in the AC circuit containing only a resistor is given by the equation;

{eq}I = I_0 \sin (\omega t ) {/eq}


  • {eq}V_0 {/eq} is the maximum voltage,
  • {eq}I_0 = \dfrac{V_0}{R} {/eq} is the maximum current and
  • {eq}\omega {/eq} is the angular frequency of the voltage source.

The RMS voltage is given by

{eq}V_{RMS} = \dfrac{V_0}{\sqrt{2}} {/eq}

and he RMS current is given by

{eq}I_{RMS} = \dfrac{I_0}{\sqrt{2}} {/eq}

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A diagram showing the peak current and peak to peak current is shown in the figure 1 below.

Figure 1


  • The resistance of the resistor is...

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