The shaft has square threaded screw with a lead of 8 mm and a mean radius of 15 mm. If it is in...


The shaft has square threaded screw with a lead of {eq}8 mm {/eq} and a mean radius of {eq}15 mm {/eq}. If it is in contact w a plate gear having a mean radius of {eq}30mm {/eq}, determine the resting torque {eq}M {/eq} on the plate gear which can be overcome if a torque of {eq}7 N \cdot m {/eq} is applied to the shaft. The coefficient of static friction at eh screw is {eq}\mu_B=0.2 {/eq} . Neglect friction at screw bearings located at {eq}A {/eq} and {eq}B. {/eq}


The moment on point is defined as the force acting on body multiplying the perpendicular distance between the force and point on which moment is calculated. The moment is similar to the torque. The moment is also defined as a quantification of force by which the body rotates when applied to it.

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Given data:

  • The lead of the screw is: {eq}{L_{screw}} = 8\;{\rm{mm}} {/eq}
  • The mean radius of the screw is: {eq}{r_{mean}} = 15\;{\rm{mm}} {/eq}
  • Th...

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