Three-year-old John-John see you pouring 4 ounces of water from a 4 ounce glass to a 12 ounce...


Three-year-old John-John see you pouring {eq}4~\text{ounces} {/eq} of water from a {eq}4~\text{ounce} {/eq} glass to a {eq}12~\text{ounce} {/eq} glass and tell you that you now have less water. John-John believe this because he:

a) is cognitively advanced for his age

b) likely has symptoms of childhood schizophrenia

c) he is likely "delayed" in terms of his cognitive abilities

d) had ADD/ADHD

Piagetian Tasks:

As the name suggests, a Piagetian task is a task devised and used by Jean Piaget to examine children's cognitive abilities. Two examples are conservation tasks and the three mountain task.

Answer and Explanation:

None of the options is correct.

Based on the given information, John-John is yet to acquire an understanding of liquid conservation. He does not understand that the mere act of pouring water from one container to another container of a different size does not change the water volume.

While some case studies have found that a three-year-old can acquire this understanding, John-John's inability to understand liquid conservation is not a sign of psychological disorders or advanced cognitive ability.

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