To what extent do the research studies in regards to corruption influence the selection of a...


To what extent do the research studies in regards to corruption influence the selection of a research design for a dissertation study? Why?

Research Study:

A research study includes an analysis of factors influencing a certain item, area, or practice. The intent of a research study is to identify unknowns and draw correlation where it may exist. Research studies will enhance understanding and knowledge in a specific area so better decisions can be made.

Answer and Explanation:

Corruption influence is the effect corrupt activities indirectly have on other areas of society. The existence of corruption will impact how individuals and businesses will operate and make their own decisions in this arena. Research studies into corruption influence will help to identify exactly what the impact of corruption is on certain fields and how that spreads into other areas. Organizations may choose to enter or avoid certain opportunities or transactions based on this influence of corruption.

The research design of a dissertation study will be impacted by corruption influence because organizations will need to know how to navigate corruption. For example, a study into an area without corruption will primarily focus on the benefits and cost of an investment. Identification of risk will be driven by uncertainty in the possible success of the investment and natural unknowns. If corruption influence is high, the dissertation will need to focus much more on this area. The study will need to focus on the influence of different individuals and groups and the power they wield through corruption. Ways to mitigate corruption will need to be identified but many unknowns and variables will make this evaluation less precise.

Overall, high levels of corruption may greatly impact the selection of research design as the dissertation study will need to focus on the influence of individual and organizations rather the the pure numbers and feasibility of the operation based on non-human risk factors.

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