Two bodies are at different temperatures T1 and T2, if brought in thermal contact does it...


Two bodies are at different temperatures {eq}T_1 \space and \space T_2{/eq}, if brought in thermal contact does it necessarily settle to the mean temperature {eq}\frac{(T1+T2)}{2}{/eq}?

Thermal contact:

Thermal contact is termed as the process in which the transferring of heat takes place from one object to the other object. The transfer of heat obtained from an object having a high temperature to the object having low temperature for maintaining the temperature of both the bodies.

Answer and Explanation:

Given Data

  • The temperature of first body is {eq}\left( {{T_1}} \right) {/eq}
  • The temperature of second body is {eq}\left( {{T_2}} \right) {/eq}

The expression of the final temperature will be,

{eq}T = \dfrac{{{T_1} + {T_2}}}{2} {/eq}

This expression is showing the value of final temperature of the two bodies.

The procedure of the transferring of heat is obtained from the body having a high value of temperature to the body having a low value of temperature, and this procedure continues till the temperature of the first body and the second body becomes equal.

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