Unfortunately, in recent times, we have seen a number of examples of unethical behavior in...


Unfortunately, in recent times, we have seen a number of examples of unethical behavior in organizations, often tied to the organization's handling of finances. In this question, discuss ethical issues facing the top leadership or financial managers in today's corporate environment regarding their approach to the financial matters of the firm. What pressures exist that might encourage unethical behavior, particularly as it pertains to the firm's financial reporting or situation? How might these be mitigated? (You might want to conduct a search to identify examples or to examine actions suggested or taken to help mitigate these instances.) Detailed response needed with references.


Ethics are the morals or perception of a person towards right of wrong. When it comes to business, we can say that the ethics of business are the moral business practices that is directed towards benefit to all stakeholders like the owner, the customer, the supplier, the society, the employees,the regulators, the environment and the like. Ethics play a vital role in any business. It creates a brand, it increases respect for the business among the stakeholders, it leads the business to the heights of prosperity.

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In today's corporate world the ethical issues related tofinancial reporting mainly emerge from the fact that many of the performance targets are...

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