Use factoring to solve the equation. 4x -23x=6


Use factoring to solve the equation.

{eq}4x - 23x = 6 {/eq}


The process of factoring several terms is to determine the terms or numbers whose product would result in the expression being considered. It is division and multiplication at the same time.

Answer and Explanation:

In the equation below, solving it with the use of factoring is possible:

{eq}4x-23x = 6 {/eq}

{eq}x(4-23) = 6 {/eq}

{eq}-19x= 6 {/eq}

Dividing both sides by {eq}-19 {/eq}:

{eq}\dfrac{-19x}{-19} = \dfrac{6}{=19} {/eq}

{eq}x = -\dfrac{6}{19} {/eq}

Thus, in the equation {eq}4x-23x = 6 {/eq}, factoring will give the answer as {eq}x = -\dfrac{6}{19} {/eq}.

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