Use the power rule to find the derivative of f(x)= x^(1/7).Find f'(x)


Use the power rule to find the derivative of {eq}\displaystyle f(x)=\sqrt[7]{x} {/eq}.

Find {eq}f'(x) {/eq}.

Differentiation Power Rule:

Differentiation power rule is a differentiation rule that gives us the formula we can use to derive power functions, which are functions of the form {eq}f(x) = x^n {/eq}.

According to this rule, the derivative of {eq}x^n {/eq} is given by {eq}D_x(x^n) = n x^{n-1} {/eq}

Answer and Explanation:

The given function is a power function so we utilize differentiation power rule to attain its derivative.

To use differentiation power rule, bring...

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