Using the Business-Level Strategies (namely, cost leadership, differentiation, focused-cost...


Using the Business-Level Strategies (namely, cost leadership, differentiation, focused-cost leadership, and focused differentiation), identify how a nationally-known company has effectively used each strategy as part of its value proposition.

Business level strategies

The business level strategy is a set of competitive actions that a business uses to entice customer, strengthens performance, and achieve goals. The business level strategy is sometimes referred to as business unit level strategies because they are applied at the business unit level

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Business level strategies:-

An organization is always depending on customers need so they should be focus on customer needs and customer satisfaction to achieve average returns. So these all are depend on business level strategy. Business level strategy is concerned with a firm?s position in an industry, relative to competitors and detail actions taken to provide value to customers take competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in individual products. The business level strategies is depends on satisfy customers, goods, increase operating profit. It is positioning itself against competitors and staying update on market dynamics and technologies. Strategy is what drives decision in business that helps in identify the position of business, and also strength of business. The effective strategy helps to decide where your efforts and resources are spent.

The best strategic planning is helps to set an ambition of business and determine how best to achieve it. The business strategy's primary purpose to connect mission, vision and goal of business.

The business level strategy has five level of strategy that is cost leadership, differentiation, focus cost leadership and focus differentiation.

The best example to give known internationally would be Tata motors with its NANO Product. A small sub entity was created to launch NANO.

Nano started by using cost leadership, where they created a product with zero frills with just a base mode, make the product unique, with its compact size, and basic services of a car thus including differentiation and targeted the niche car market, who ride a bicycle and no other competitors exists in that segment thus enabling the focus strategy, Cost focus and a differentiation focus. Their value proposition was a car at the cost of a bike with all basic service of a car.

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