Was Antigone justified in disobeying the law?


Was Antigone justified in disobeying the law?

Antigone vs. The Law

In Antigone, the idea of law and order is explained extensively. We dive into the ideas of what is morally more acceptable, to obey the orders of the law or do what you believe is right? Antigone cannot allow her brother to go unburied and since Creon will not move on his ruling she decides she has no other choice but to disobey him. Creon does not take this well but was Antigone still in the right?

Answer and Explanation:

Antigone was justified in disobeying the law by the general public, but not in the eyes of King Creon. King Creon still ruled that she was to be killed but the public viewed her actions as honourable. The public was saddened at the ruling and wasn't on Creon's side which angered him even more, especially since his son Haemon didn't agree with him either.

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