Was John Marshall impeached?


Was John Marshall impeached?

Impeachment in America:

Impeachment is the process by which the House declares that there should be a trial to remove someone. It is traditionally and usually associated with the president, but a Supreme Court Justice like John Marshall can also be impeached, and then sent to the Senate where he would be tried, and, if found guilty, removed. But was he?

Answer and Explanation:

No, he never was. In fact, there has only been one impeachment, of Justice Samuel Chase in 1805, and that failed in the Senate. John Marshall's impeachment was never considered. In fact, gentlemen's agreements seem to prevent impeachment from being more common. At several times in the 20th century, a Justice has stepped down from revealed ethical violations without having to be impeached. In this way, impeachment is even rarer for the Judicial branch than they are for the Executive branch.

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