Was Phedre raped in the book Phedre?


Was Phedre raped in the book Phedre?

Racine and Moliere:

At the beginning of his literary career, Racine had a producer named Moliere who presented his plays in major theaters. After presenting a very famous play called Alexandre le Grand, Racine had many more requests from producers. He decided to present his work with another producer who was more famous in tragic plays, without Moliere knowing anything about it. This upset Moliere, and from that day, they became enemies.

Answer and Explanation:

After her husband Theseus returns home, after a time believing he was dead, Phedre panics at the idea that he finds out that she is in love with her stepson. To protect herself, she asks Oneone, her nurse and confidant, to lie and to tell Theseus that his son, Hippolytus, tried to rape her.

Actually, Phedre was not raped at any time. It was just a lie that she told so that her forbidden feelings towards her stepson would not be discovered.

Theseus believes Oneone's story due to a misunderstanding. Hippolytus was talking to his father about a woman he loved and with whom he wanted his permission to marry. Theseus thought he was referring to Phedre, as rumors had reached him that he wanted to rape her.

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