Was the Trojan horse real?


Was the Trojan horse real?

The Trojan Horse

If one has ever studied Greek mythology, then they probably have heard the tale of the Trojan Horse. The hero, Odysseus, comes up with a plan to help the Greeks get into the city of Troy and destroy it from the inside by hiding several soldiers inside a wooden effigy of a horse, one of Troy's greatest assets. The Trojans are tricked into believing the Greeks have given up, and take the effigy into the city to celebrate. During the night, the Greeks enter the city and destroy the city, winning the ten year-long war.

Answer and Explanation:

There is no archaeological evidence to support the existence of the Trojan Horse. The tale of the Trojan Horse is a considered a fictional aspect of the myth. The myth itself serves as a metaphor for the cleverness and ingenuity of humankind, while also serving as a moral tale about not being so trusting of one's enemies. However, while the Trojan Horse may not have been real, the city of Troy was, and it was burned down in what appeared to be a war in the distant past.

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