Was William Wallace called Braveheart?


Was William Wallace called Braveheart?

William Wallace:

Arguably the most famous Scotsman in history, William Wallace was a Scottish knight who fought a series of conflicts in the 13th century against England. He was betrayed and executed, becoming a martyr for Scottish independence.

Answer and Explanation:

No, William Wallace was not called Braveheart; this was simply the title of the 1995 Mel Gibson film about Wallace. Gibson's film has been criticized by historians for a wide variety of inaccuracies, including the interesting example that the film features Scotsmen in kilts, but kilts would not become a part of Scottish fashion for several centuries: as such, it is comparable to a film about George Washington where Washington and his men wear jeans and t-shirts. Nevertheless, the film does cover Wallace's main accomplishments as well as his gruesome death at the hands of the English.

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