Water enters an ice machine at 55 F and leaves as ice at 25 F. If the COP of the ice machine is...


Water enters an ice machine at 55{eq}^{\circ} {/eq}F and leaves as ice at 25{eq}^{\circ} {/eq}F. If the COP of the ice machine is 2.4 during this operation, determine the required power input for an ice production rate of 28 lbm/h. (169 Btu of energy needs to be removed from each lbm of water at 55{eq}^{\circ} {/eq}F to turn it into ice at 25{eq}^{\circ} {/eq}F.)

COP of Refrigerator:

The coefficient of performance of the refrigerator becomes maximum when it operates on a reversible cycle. COP of a refrigerator is used to determine the rate of removal of heat from cold space by doing some input work to remove that heat.

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Given Data

  • Temperature of water at inlet, {eq}{T_{water}} = 55^\circ {\rm{F}} {/eq}.
  • Mass flow rate of water, {eq}\dot m =...

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