What are examples of a weak analogy?


What are examples of a weak analogy?


A weak analogy is a type of fallacy. It occurs when someone makes a superficial comparison between two or more things instead of making a more solid connection between them.

Types of Logical Fallacies:

  • Ad hominen: an ad hominem fallacy describes the attack of one's personal identity, appearance, or history instead of the argument he or she has outlined. For example, if someone claims that health care should be universal, and his or her opponent notes that this individual has a track record of bad judgement, an ad hominem fallacy has been committed.
  • Hasty generalization: a hasty generalization fallacy is an error in reasoning that occurs when a conclusion is reached without sufficient evidence. For example, if an individual claims that minivan drivers are especially bad drivers based on one incident, he or she has reached a conclusion without sufficient evidence and subsequently committed a hasty generalization fallacy.
  • Appeal to authority: an appealing to an authority fallacy occurs when one or more of an argument's premises reference a false authority to support the conclusion. For example, if an individual concludes that Wheaties are the most nutritious cereal because the box features a star athlete, he or she has succumbed to the appeal to authority fallacy.

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Here are some examples of weak analogies:

  • China and Japan must have similar stances on the issue of nuclear weapons because they are both Asian...

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