What are some examples of simile in the poem To a Skylark?


What are some examples of simile in the poem, To a Skylark?


Similes are figures of speech that are used by many authors of poetry and other forms of writing. They are comparisons that use the words, 'like' or 'as.'

Answer and Explanation:

Percy Bysshe Shelley used many similes in the poem, To a Skylark. Here are a few:

  • ''…From the earth thou springest like a cloud of fire…''
  • ''…Thou doest float and run; like an unbodied joy whose race is just begun.''
  • ''The pale purple even melts around thy flight; like a star of heaven in the broad day-light…''
  • ''Like a high-born maiden in a palace-tower, soothing her love-laden soul in secret hour…''

Notice that in each example, two things are being compared and the word 'like' is used.

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