What Are the Basic Teachings of Judaism?


What Are the Basic Teachings of Judaism?

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Judaism involves the belief in one god and that God has chosen the Jewish people as his own. Another basic teaching of Judaism is that God requires obedience by following the laws of the Talmud including the Ten Commandments and that punishment for sin or disobedience can be lessened through prayer, cleansing rituals and sacrifice.

Judaism is a monotheistic religion, meaning that Jewish people believe in only one God. Judaism began in ancient Israel and Palestine where God made a promise to Abraham. Abraham is considered to be the Father of Judaism, and all Jewish people are considered to be descendants of Abraham. God promised to give Abraham's descendants the land of Canaan, which includes parts of Israel and Palestine today. In Judaism, God selected prophets to share his commandments. Moses (a Jewish prophet) received the Ten Commandments from God which formed the Jewish law. The first commandment is to worship only one God. Other commandments include not to commit murder or adultery, to honor your father and mother, and to keep the Sabbath holy by worshipping God on that day. The Talmud is an ancient text of Jewish law. Jewish people are expected to follow the laws of the Talmud which include the Ten Commandments.

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