What are the disadvantages and advantages of database approaches?


What are the disadvantages and advantages of database approaches?


A database can hold a large amount of related data. The traditional database is a huge data storage available offline. For any database, there are four objects (Tables, Queries, Forms, and Reports) through which the database operations can be executed. The table is a row and column representation of data. Both the tables and forms are used to store data in a database. A query is the database object that helps in data retrieval based on certain given conditions. Reports are the information in printed form.

Three major types of databases are discussed below.

Relational database: It is a type of database that stores information in the form of rows and attributes. The Structured Query Language (SQL) is generally used to create and manipulate relational databases. A user can imply various securities and integrity constraints to secure the data stored in this database.

Distributed database: It is a type of database in which the same database is stored in multiple computers, located in a nearby place or geographically dispersed location. Thus, the database may be used by several computers over a single network.

Cloud database: A cloud database is an optimized database that enables users to work in a virtualized environment. The interface can be private, public, or hybrid. The main advantages of using the cloud database are that it reduces the cost of physical storage equipment and also the storage capacity is quite large. Besides, backup and recovery is a faster process using the cloud.

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The database is a repository of interrelated data maintained in an organized way.


  • It reduces the problem of data duplication that may...

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