What are the elements of art appreciation?


What are the elements of art appreciation?

Art Appreciation:

Art appreciation is a course commonly offered in art programs across universities. Art appreciation students are typically introduced to the basic elements of artistic production, the foundations of design elements, the essential art movements throughout history, and the wide variety of artistic forms (i.e. sculptures, paintings, photography, performance art, etc.).

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The elements of art appreciation mirror the basic elements of art: students of art appreciation study art works through examining their essential elements. These elements include line, color, space, texture, shape, form, value, and, sometimes, motion (i.e. motion is occasionally added to the elements of art although it is not one of the seven elements most commonly studied). Applying these elements, an art appreciation student may analyze Van Gogh's The Starry Night by examining how Van Gogh's use of heavy textures, brush strokes creating motion, and blue color palette create a specific mood.

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