What are the Ivy League colleges?


What are the Ivy League colleges?

Elite League:

The term ''Ivy League'' was established in 1954. Elite schools were placed in this conference per the NCAA when the organization established its Division 1 sports teams. However, the conference designation has evolved away from being athletically elite.

Answer and Explanation:

The eight colleges deemed to be Ivy League colleges, their founding dates, and their locations are as follows:

  1. Brown (1746, Providence, Rhode Island)
  2. Columbia (1754, New York City, New York)
  3. Cornell (1865, Ithaca, New York)
  4. Dartmouth (1769, Hanover, New Hampshire)
  5. Harvard (1636, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
  6. Princeton (1746, Princeton, New Jersey)
  7. University of Pennsylvania (1740, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  8. Yale (1702, New Haven, Connecticut)

Ivy League colleges are those deemed to be academically elite schools. Such schools are sought after because of their prestige and academic quality. These schools are private institutions.

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