What are the long-term consequences and potential problems with using genetic engineering of crop...


What are the long-term consequences and potential problems with using genetic engineering of crop technology?

Long term Impact of GM Crops

Genetically modifies organisms are organisms whose genetic makeup is altered for a purpose. GM crops are created to suffice the needs of the growing global population. These are created and studied hor human and animal consumption using the knowledge and techniques in modern biotechnology. Controversial topics on GMOs have hit the news headlines, because of the demand of the people and the possible long term consequences it may deal in the future.

Answer and Explanation:

1. Environmental concerns- GMOs are seen as unnatural crops grown with the natural species. These crops may cause the creation of new crop diseases which can be very harmful in the long run and may affect biodiversity in the ecosystem.

2. Dependence on the biotechnology corporation- Large scale farmers will become dependent on biotechnology corporations that may arise. This can become economically problematic for farmers. Problems may arise due to unintentional contamination between traditional and genetically modified crops. Unintentional cross-contamination can be problematic for farmers. The may face lawsuits that protect the intellectual property right of the owner. This event may lead to a great downfall to the farmers.

3. Unknown health effects- Unknown effects on health to the consumer are the greatest concern in the consumption of genetically modified crops. There are still no long term studies made in consuming GMOs. The fear in the long term effect makes the people doubt the consumption of these crops. The fear of negative health impacts, mutation and the creation of new harmful diseases may arise in the long run. GMOs can also create new allergic reactions to human

4. Increased production cost and price of farm products- High price of seed and higher cost of input equals a higher price of output. This can greatly affect the poor, thus affect the purchasing power of the consumers. This may eventually change their lifestyle in the long run.

5. Long term ecological impacts- Unwanted cross-contamination of GMOs to wild species may lead to genetic recombination and contamination which may affect the local and natural ecosystem. This effect may affect ecological balance.

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