What are the symbols for Upper and Lower Egypt?


What are the symbols for Upper and Lower Egypt?

Ancient Egypt:

Ancient Egypt was a powerful and influential civilization in North Africa situated in modern-day Egypt. Ancient Egypt was concentrated along the Nile River and divided into two per the river's flow. The northern part of the river was Upper Egypt, while the southern was Lower Egypt. The latter was politically unified under Menes-a pharaoh/king and founder of the first dynasty in the region.

Answer and Explanation:

A symbol represents another person, object, process, or function. They take forms of visual images, words, gestures, or sounds to represent other ideas or beliefs. In ancient Egypt, symbols were also used extensively. The most common symbols were:

  • Crowns. Hedjet (white Crown) represented Upper Egypt while Deshret (Red Crown) Lower Egypt.
  • Uraeus/Cobra symbolized Lower Egypt while a Vulture represented Upper Egypt. Both were symbols of protection.
  • Plants: Lotus symbolized Upper Egypt; Papyrus, Lower Egypt.
  • The Su Plant/Reed and the Bee represented Upper and Lower Egypt respectively.
  • After the unification of the two divisions, The Was Scepter symbolized dominion and power. Kings and deity leaders carried it.

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