What are the theories explaining the Nazca Lines?


What are the theories explaining the Nazca Lines?

Nasca Culture

Nasca is a culture which flourished in South America circa 200 BCE-600 CE. The name is derived from the Nasca River which was vital to this culture's sustenance and survival.They are known for their highly decorative ceramic vessels which Nasca artists painted with images of plants, animals, mythological creatures, and ritual scenes. They are also renowned for depicting these images in a much larger scale such as the gigantic earth drawings known today as Nasca Lines.

Answer and Explanation:

Some theories regarding the creation of the Nasca Lines include:

1. The lines may have been a part of an irrigation system. Some lines converged in places where water sources are found.

2. They are routes for local pilgrims. Some lines pass through shrinelike nodes which may have been markers of sacred sites.

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