What are the three books in Ken Follett's Century Trilogy?


What are the three books in Ken Follett's Century Trilogy?

Ken Follett and His Works

Ken Follett is a living Welsh writer whose novels have achieved great success on best seller lists. His books are typically either suspense thrillers or historical fiction. Several of his works have been adapted for television.

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The three books in Follett's Century Trilogy are Fall of Giants, Winter of the World, and Edge of Eternity. Each book deals with a different set of decades in the 20th century; together they form a complete history of several interconnected families over the years of approximately 1912 to the election of Barack Obama in 2008.

Fall of Giants introduces the families that will be followed throughout the series. The story deals with World War I, the Russian Revolution, the difficulties faced by the working class-- particularly Welsh miners and Russian peasants-- and the struggle for women's suffrage.

Winter of the World covers the Spanish Civil War, the rise of Hitler and Naziism, World War II, and the emergence of Communism in Eastern Europe.

Edge of Eternity continues the story through the years of post-war rebuilding in Europe, the rise of rock and roll, the fall of Communism, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam, Watergate, and, in the epilogue, the election of Barack Obama.

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