What artifact did frenchman Champollion use to translate hieroglyphics?


What artifact did frenchman Champollion use to translate hieroglyphics?

Ancient Hieroglyphics:

While a number of ancient civilizations used hieroglyphics, picture-words, rather than an alphabet, the Egyptians were by far the most famous. Until relatively recently, much of their written hieroglyphs were unknown, and considered lost to history.

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The Frenchman Champollion used the Rosetta Stone artifact to translate Egyptian hieroglyphs. This stone was a public announcement, written thousands of years ago, that was translated into both hieroglyphs and Greek script (at the time, many Egyptians would have spoken or understood ancient Greek). The stone was discovered because of Napoleon's expedition to Egypt, meant to challenge English control of this part of the Mediterranean Sea, in a small town called Rosetta. The stone has since been moved to the British Museum where millions of people see it each year, although the Egyptian government has repeatedly asked for it to be returned back to Egypt itself.

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