What biological fact makes the concepts of "Universal Donor" and "Universal Recipient"...


What biological fact makes the concepts of "Universal Donor" and "Universal Recipient" potentially misleading?

Red Blood Cells:

Red blood cells are those unique cells of the body that is involved in synthesizing blood and thus help in the transportation mechanism of the body. They constitute a specialized protein of the body, hemoglobin that plays a vital role in transferring oxygen throughout the body cells.

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The biological fact that essentially makes the universal recipient and donor concepts misleading is the Rh factor. It is so because an Rh- (Rh-negative) person cannot receive or donate blood to the Rh+ (Rh-positive) person, and hence, the universality is generally misleading. It is a vital protein present on red blood cell or RBCs surfaces, and the person having them is referred to as Rh-positive. In contrast, the person who does not have such proteins is Rh-negative.

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