What characteristics made Abraham Lincoln a great leader?


What characteristics made Abraham Lincoln a good leader?

Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most revered of the U.S. Presidents, even though it has been more than 150 years since his assassination. Lincoln clearly had many personality traits that endeared him to the public.

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One of the main characteristics that made Lincoln a good leader was his honesty. He's still remembered as 'Honest Abe' for his forthright dealings with everyone he encountered from childhood to his death. He was also an effective communicator who was very thoughtful about his choice of words and topics when speaking in public. Lincoln was also able to make difficult decisions, especially in regard to the American Civil War. He did what he thought was right. Lincoln was also able to work effectively and productively with many different people, some of whom were his rivals. For example, Lincoln and William Seward were rivals for the presidency in the election of 1860, yet Lincoln made Seward his Secretary of State and consulted with Seward about important affairs.

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