What church ruled the daily lives of the people in the middle ages?


What church ruled the daily lives of the people in the middle ages?

The Middle Ages:

The Middle Ages is a historical time period. It began roughly in the year 600 and ended in the fifteenth century with the fall of the Roman Empire. The word 'medieval' is used as an adjective to refer to this time period. For example, 'medieval warfare' is warfare conducted during the Middle Ages.

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The Catholic church was the dominant church in Western Europe during the Middle Ages. The church was at the center of life in both small villages and larger towns, for mass, baptisms, marriages, and funerals. During this time, many churches were built throughout Europe first in the Romanesque style and then in the Gothic style of architecture. The Catholic church was very powerful at this time, not only by being at the center of daily life but by having strong relationships with the medieval kings and rulers.

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