What did Piaget mean by the American question?


What did Piaget mean by the American question?

Jean Piaget:

Jean Piaget (1896-1980) was a Swiss psychologist. He was widely revered for his research on childhood development and his working directly connecting developmental stages to education.

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What Piaget called ''American question'' was the issue of whether or not it was possible/acceptable to try and speed up the intellectual development of children. According to Piaget, whenever he presented in the United States, people would inevitably ask him about this issue, so he came to call it ''the American question'' and believed Americans to be obsessed with enhancing the rate of childhood development. Incidentally, his answer was that this was a bad idea. He believed that children who were taught to reach certain cognitive milestones too early would stagnate further development; slow, paced growth was therefore necessary to achieving the greatest intellectual potential.

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