What did the brontosaurus eat?


What did the brontosaurus eat?


One of the largest organisms to ever walk on Earth, brontosaurs were dinosaurs that lived in the Jurassic era about 150 million years ago. They were first discovered during the 'Bone Wars' of the late 1870s in the American West by paleontologist O.C. Marsh.

Answer and Explanation:

Brontosaurus, as well as all other sauropod dinosaurs, were plant-eaters. They had to consume massive quantities of food in order to grow as large as they did and paleontologists agree that they spent virtually all of their waking hours eating any plants they could reach with their long necks.

Since these huge dinosaurs could quickly strip an entire forest, they spent their lives on the move in search of fresh plants, and were followed by predators who kept a lookout for sick or young brontosaurs they could kill. We know they ate plants because, similarly to modern herbivorous animals today, their flat, broad teeth were perfect for grinding plants, but could not have cut through meat like a sharp predators' teeth.

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