What do monomials look like on a graph?


What do monomials look like on a graph?

What are monomials?

In algebraic expression, monomials are expressions that consist of only one term. The order of this term does not matter, so {eq}5x^2 \text{ is as much a monomial as } 5x {/eq}.

Answer and Explanation:

Graphing monomials is, thankfully, very simple and straightforward. The best way to go about this is to convert a monomial expression, such as {eq}5x {/eq}, into a monomial equation, in the form {eq}y = 5x {/eq}.

After doing this, you can simply input any desired value for "x", and solve for the y-component of a graphable ordered pair. Once you've done this, you can input a second "x" value of your choice, obtain a second ordered pair, and then connect the two points with a line, creating a graphed function.


a) Let "x" = 1

{eq}y= 5x \text{ , } y= 5(1) \text{ , } y = 5\text{ , } \text{ ordered pair: (1, 5)} {/eq}

b) Let "x' = 2

{eq}y= 5x \text{ , } y= 5(2) \text{ , } y = 10 \text{ , } \text{ ordered pair: (2, 10)} {/eq}

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